Maple CTF 2023





Sep. 30th 00:00 UTC – Oct. 2nd 00:00 UTC

Hosted by Maple Bacon.

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Thank you to our sponsors – Zellic, Trail of Bits,
HackerOne, Offensive Security, Vector35, and GCP!


First place: $1000 USD, 2x Binary Ninja License, OffSec courses

Second place: $750 USD, 2x Binary Ninja License, OffSec courses

Third place: $500 USD, 1x Binary Ninja License

Top five: Zellic swag.

Writeup prizes: see Discord!


What is a CTF?

Capture The Flag competitions are competitions in which players attempt to solve computer security related problems and find strings called "flags".

Is there a team limit for this CTF?

No, there is no team limit for this CTF.

Are there prizes?

Yes! Check out our landing page for more info on prizes.


Prize Sponsors:

Zellic | Offensive Security | Vector35 | Trail of Bits | HackerOne

Infra Sponsor:

Google Cloud Platform via

Thank you to our generous sponsors for making this event possible.

About Us

Maple Bacon is the CTF team at the University of British Columbia. Our team was initially formed in February 2019 under the mentorship of Dr. Robert Xiao. Our worldwide ranking and history can be found on